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50 Years of Travel Milestones

My dad travelled on the first commercial Concorde flight from UK to Bahrain in 1976. It is a story I treasure. In 45 years travel has changed much - Hand-written airline tickets with leaves taken out at every destination, reservations to be reconfirmed 72 hours prior and heaps of printed confirmations for car rentals, accommodation, connections & tourist activities. The last 2 decades have seen significant strides to improve traveler convenience and experience. The journey has become as important as the destination.

Over the last 2 decades, aircrafts & cruise ships afford every luxury, a wee USB on every imaginable surface keeps us plugged into our communities & interests 24x7 and our curiosities are fed by stories all over the world. The destinations we seek become more exotic, the encounters we design defy imagination and the dream to connect and explore continues to grow.

This article by Emma Weissmann for TravelAge West captures the milestones of the industry over the last 50 years and some of the influences that shaped our perceptions and expectations. It is an insightful look back some key moments in the industry.


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