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Privacy Policy

This page explains RevenueGen's policy for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information

Thank you for entrusting RevenueGen with your projects & your personal information. Having your private information is a serious responsibility and we want to ensure that you are treated respectfully, so you feel secure enough to work with us.  

The information we collect

RevenueGen collects information through contact us and registration forms on its website and social media portals. It also collects information through email and other communication activities, where personal details are provided by its customers, advocates and referees; from customer surveys and general feedback.

Personal information we collect includes name, contact information, identification information, and other types of data required for the purposes of communicating and providing company services. Credit card information that may be collected is used solely for billing purposes. RevenueGen may record calls and webinars with our customer/sales representatives for the purposes of accuracy, performance reviews, training and general quality assurance.

How we use this information

We collect information about you to process your order, manage your account, customize our various products and services to suit you, for accounting, billing, collections and if you agree, post offers of other products and services that we offer. We may use your information to personalize your repeat visits to our website.

RevenueGen understands that customers looking to engage with its products and services will be able to reach us through our website and social media pages. All company activities, articles and services will be available through these sites. RevenueGen does not issue a regular periodic newsletter and we will not ask for your permission to send you one. Any product information you receive from us will be solely through your subscription and membership to our particular services.

Who we share this information with

RevenueGen does not share personal information with any third parties except as disclosed in this policy. RevenueGen may provide personal information to its sub-contractors and professional advisors (who shall be bound by privacy obligations) to assist and collaborate on projects and services disclosed herein.

We will not share your information for marketing purposes with companies outside of our business.

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