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The Science of Opportunity!

Setup your business so that systems are easily managed & you minimize your time on calls to software support. Measure the performance from each online travel agent (OTA), distributor & booking engine & be empowered to have the conversations that drive the outcomes you want.


Opportunities for growth become obvious when asking the right questions of the data that your systems give you. RevenueGen helps you to look at your data and recognize the opportunities.


OTAs are the 'shopping malls' of our digital marketplace. They spend huge amounts of money to attract people who are interested in buying travel experiences. Your listing on each OTA allows you be present where customers come to buy!

Making your property 'seen' on the OTAs, is a combination of understanding how their technology works, what kind of content they like, what their audiences buy.

RevenueGen helps map out your current distribution setup, spot the gaps and recommends how to fix them. We work with you to setup a distribution framework that is manageable, gives you insights & allows you to move quickly to make decisions on promotions, rates & content.

Here's a Question for you? - What is your best selling Rate Plan online? How far in advance do guests book it?

Online travel agent's booking page
travel agent booking multiple services globally


GDS was the precursor to the modern day distribution landscape. It has often underestimated in its ability to adapt and survive in an increasingly technologically enabled world.

Designed for travel agents, for speed of booking and accessibility to thousands of service providers; the GDS is proven game changer for properties that seek a more balanced distribution network. Having adapted to an image driven, html landscape and defining its relevance in an OTA gameplace, the GDS connects properties to multiple booking agents, catering to customers needing help with their travel.


RevenueGen helps you evaluate your GDS setup, recommend areas of opportunity & explore efficiencies to help you be more agile when making rate and visibility decisions.

Here's a Question for you? - What motivates a travel agent to book a property, when making a reservation?


Does 'Direct' always seem too hard? Website content, images, SEO, booking engines, links & forms...

Your website is your story. Customers want to hear about your property experience in your voice. They want to understand why you love your business, what makes you do what you do and how they can identify with you. 

RevenueGen helps you create a structure for direct business that helps you work on your website & booking engine easily. We aim to define goals to increase your opportunities & attract direct guests. We work with your teams to create an intentional 'Behaviour for Direct'. They can learn how to bring your story to life, record outcomes and make guests want to come back. 

Here are some Questions for you? - Which is the most visited page on your website? How does it make you feel?  Ask a friend on which site they refer to book your property?

hotel room ready to welcome direct guests


FREE ONLINE web sessions on topics of interest. Our next webinar

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Social media articles and Blogs will give you tips and ideas to help you shape your distribution.

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tourism business owner earning more revenue

Distribution Setup

Set up your OTAs to give you maximum opportunity to be visible to bookers. Done well it will save you heaps of time and phone calls to support & give you game-changing insights.

toursim business owner surprised at prospective opportunities for earning

Data Intelligence

Your data is full of stories about your customers, where they find you, why they like your product & what they're willing to pay for. Setup well, it is easy for you to hear the stories.

front desk employee welcomes direct booking guests

Direct Business

Converting customers into direct bookers is about taking your story and your voice to them and welcoming them in the door. It is possible to make this manageable, fun & revenue-generating

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