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Purpose & Values

We want you to know WHY we exist and WHAT drives our method.

RevenueGen was created with a clear vision and purpose drawn out of years of work & engagement with the Hospitality & Tourism Industry and having witnessed the challenges that smaller business owners and employees in this industry have to navigate.


  • We are committed to a scientific method of gathering information and data

  • We consider public information, business information & feedback from owners & stakeholders

  • We support decision-making based on information, data & market analysis

  • When decisions must be made on gut-feel or assumptions, we believe in a Try-Measure-Evaluate strategy


  • The gaps, problems, challenges we discover are opportunities to improve the businesses we work with

  • There is no place for blame in our method. All discovery must lead to conversations & brainstorming.

  • We believe that nothing is impossible if our goal is good & work is honest.

  • We are not afraid to ask the questions that we might not have answers to

  • We are committed to relationships with those we work with, even when we disagree 


  • We believe in educating as we discover & sharing our learning with our clients

  • We are committed to collaboration & transparent communication with those we work with

  • We believe in having a measurement for success that allows us to benchmark our performance

  • We communicate our expectations of ourselves & our clients


To empower small businesses with the confidence & skills to navigate a constantly changing online marketplace.

To encourage young people in the industry and create opportunities & abilities in them that drive career growth.

To create a community of awesome humans that transform the industry from the bottom up

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