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The Café that Changed the World

A café is so much more than just coffee

A great cup of coffee and a thought provoking conversation with an accomplished, female entrepreneur about people who work in disability. These are humans who commit themselves to working with others in the battles of their lives - the invisible crutches, providing physical, mental & emotional support. We spoke of their workplaces challenges and the work being done to arm them with confidence, community & communication tools. This is a business with the vision to change the spirit of the disability workforce...nothing short of superhero work.

Kreem Café located at Mt Roskill, Off Hillsborough Road near Briscoes

As we sat at Kreem Café, Mt Roskill discussing how this young initiative is navigating the pandemic curve balls, one couldn’t help but notice the bountiful choice of savories & pastries, the cheerful staff and the buzzing chatter of tables that were all full. Our mocha beverages made their way to us with an awesome smile and invitation to enjoy our conversation and take our time.

Another conversation some months ago, with an engaging brand strategist & her program that changes people's lives; MELBA at Hillsborough was our host. The quieter but welcoming atmosphere encouraged our brainstorming and ideating...yet another café tucked away in the ‘burbs’. On a usually busy street with good parking options, Melba was the perfect space that enabled conversation & coffee-stimulated thought.

These bear a thought, to the many cafes that have seen the beginnings of great companies, the signing of super stars and the first conversations of unknown inventors pitching ideas that have possibly altered history.

For those in hospitality, who work behind the counter... look beyond the lattes n muffins and the tables to be wiped down. You set the stage for life to happen over a cup.

For those who’ve enjoyed a cuppa, had an inspiring bistro conversation, signed a deal over pie, frequented an eatery for business meetings, tell them why what they serve is so much more than coffee!


RevenueGen seeks out exceptional hospitality experiences that inspire travellers & encourage other businesses looking to create their own versions of the Kiwi story.

RevenueGen helps tourism businesses transform their online visibility & data narrative to generate better revenue outcomes. We work with hospitality businesses based on their requirements to train teams and design an online presence that works for them.

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