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Lockdown List #3 - Take Time to Connect

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Business owner networking with her team and business partners
Lockdown is a great time to have conversations & connect

The biggest learning since 2020, when Covid19 changed our lives, is that we are people-powered. The decisions we make, the work support we seek and the execution of daily tasks and strategies relies on the people in our teams & the people we collaborate with.

The success of our networking and relationships drives excellence and creativity. It spurs ideas and creates opportunities to think outside-the-box. Conversations with your network of people validate your work priorities, motivate your moving forward and energize your thinking.

Lockdown is a great time to have conversations & provides the opportunity to discuss ideas and plans for growth for the future. Its also a good time to look back and learn from past experiences, possibly talking to those who have adapted through other crisis.

WHY connect

  • Authentic conversation build trust

  • Helps identify people and businesses committed to adapting & growing

  • It is an opportunity to brainstorm

  • It is an opportunity to train & teach

  • Helps you stay in touch with market & industry happenings

  • It circulates new ideas and ways of working

  • Helps identify skills and talents

WHOM to connect with

  • Your immediate team

  • Account managers from your suppliers

  • Your technology providers

  • Your key business partners / corporate clients

  • Regular guests / repeat guests

  • Your front-line staff

  • Your behind-the-scenes staff

  • Workmates from another department

  • Someone in your workplace you've never spoken to before

HOW to connect

  • Call, message, zoom, inbox OR text

  • Share a story, ask for guidance, just catchup

  • Plan 1 idea or feeling you want to give your connection

  • Plan 1 thing you want to take away from the conversation

  • Schedule time for connecting during the day/week

  • Record your learnings, ideas, comments

  • Identify something you want to learn & who can teach you

  • Identify someone you want to upskill and how to teach them online


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