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Lockdown List #2 - Tidy your Booking Engine

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Your booking engine is your promise to your customers. Spend time making it the most enriching booking experience it can be.
Making the most of lockdown - Pause and Pay attention to your own Booking Channels

Room Types

  • Do they match the Room Names you have on all your OTA listings?

  • Have you missed listing any rooms?

  • Is the best feature about your room displayed prominently?

  • Do you have at least 3 images per room type? Room Interior? Window view or a special feature? Bathroom?

  • Can guests add extra beds or children?

Deals & Packages

  • Find out which are your best selling deals & the rate plans that you use the most

  • Remove old rate plans that you've not used & are not likely to use again

  • Refresh deal names to make them more relevant and stand out to guests

  • Have deals with different levels of flexibility

  • Find out what your guests value and bundle these into your deals

  • Choose package/deal images that convey guest expectations

  • If a package is exceptionally great value, say it!

  • Be sure to highlight facilities you have that others may not

Promo Codes

  • Check the number of bookings received on all your promo codes, so you know what's been working for you

  • Remove old promo codes that you haven't used for over a year & are not likely to

  • Come up with a list of creative promo codes, which when you use on your social media also create a sense of excitement & fun

Value Add-Ons

  • Many booking engines allow you to add a page of extras for guest to add to the purchase of their room. Set it up

  • Be creative! The idea is to provide convenience to your guests, so extra pillows, a snack, activity tickets, late check-outs, toiletries, souvenirs etc.

  • Be clear to state add-ons that are child-friendly

  • Collaborate with allied businesses in the community to provide activities & entertainment that can be added to the experience of staying at your property


  • Are you able to offer more flexibility on your website?

  • State clearly if you offer refunds or give credits

  • Does your child policy and cancellation policies match other OTA sites?

  • Do you have a privacy policy that is clear?

  • Do you have a Best Price Guarantee statement & the conditions to match price?

  • Do you charge a credit card surcharge and is it clear to guests?

Most importantly, ensure that the rates on your website are at least, the same as your other online sites. They can offer more flexibility and value to guests.


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