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Lockdown List #1 - Tidying up OTA Listings

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Business manager working from home
Making the most of Lockdown - Pause & Pay Attention to Yourself and your Business

Property Description

  • Any new information or fun facts to add?

  • Maybe refresh the vocabulary

  • Any details that are no longer relevant?

  • Could you perhaps use some of the key words that are SEO relevant?

Facilities Offered

  • Did you put in a new spa or upgrade the heating in your rooms?

  • Perhaps collaborated with a community business to offer extra services to your guests?

  • Be sure to tick of all the general facilities you offer as well as all the in-room facilities

  • It might be obvious to you...not so, to everyone else. If you have it, make sure they know about it.

Room Types

  • Do the descriptions adequately describe the differences between your room types?

  • Do you have too many room types? Could you consolidate some of them?

  • Is the best feature about your room, obvious to your guests?

  • Does the hero image show the best aspect of your room?

  • Have you listed all your room types consistently across all your OTAs & website?

Child Policy

  • Have you got one?

  • Define child age and infant age. Define the age that requires an extra bed.

  • Can guest book children and extra beds on your listing?

  • Be clear about activities and areas that are 'adult only'

Cancellation Policy

  • Are you able to offer more flexibility? Consider having more than 1 cancellation policy

  • State clearly if you offer refunds or give credits

  • Its a good idea to find out how many cancellations you process and what the lead time for them is

What's Nearby

  • List restaurants, activities, scenic spots, places of interest, business districts, entertainment etc.

  • These are the features that give guests a reason to stay with you

  • Seclusion, stunning views, historical interests are also features guests are looking for

  • The more information about the area round you, creates a reference & expectation of the experience for guests

Photos & Images

  • Have you got any new ones to upload?

  • Images of breakfast, public areas & pretty spots at your property convey a well-rounded stay experience

  • Remove blurry and small images

  • Remove duplicate images

  • Be creative & ask for help if you need it


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